Another month down, we’ve entered the last quarter which is going to fly by. We had 16 books reviewed during September, which is fabulous, many of these ones I haven’t seen before.

Eve of Eridu (Eridu Series Book 1)First up Rebecca Bowyer @Story addict reviewed Eve of Eridu by Alanah Andrews she says “This is a really interesting YA read. It would be fine for readers at the early end of YA as well – there’s no graphic violence or adult content, apart from a brief kiss and discussion of death.” This is book 1 in a new dystopian series where emotions are forbidden.

Maternal InstinctCarpe Librum posted a great interview with Rebecca Bowyer about her new book coming out Maternal Instinct.



RevelryNext is a paranormal romance called Revelry by Peta Crake and reviewed by Eleni who says “It was really nice to read a stand alone story. This paranormal romance had intrigue, action, a kick butt heroine and a caring (but aloof) hero.”

Escape From Wolfhaven Castle (The Impossible Quest #1)Next is a book aimed at younger readers, but which Ashleigh @The Book Muse says can be enjoyed by any ages, Escape from Wolfhaven Castle (The Impossible Quest #1) by Kate Forsyth. Ashleigh says “Kate Forsyth has created a magical world of adventure, mystery and quests – a backbone of many of her novels for adults and children, and each quest takes a different shape.” and “The story has a good pace, and keeps the interest of the reader in Kate’s familiar and delightful lyrical style that flows like a river through each of her books, dipping when it needs to for moments of calm or peace, or leading towards cliff-hangers that lead into the next chapter, part or next book, and The Impossible Quest is no exception, and is filled with excitement.”

Lost in a Good Book reviewed And All The Stars by Andrea K. Host, she says “This is an amazing story about friendship, aliens, and Australians. I loved it from start to finish; I read it in one sitting and I couldn’t put it down.” and “I was genuinely enthralled by this story; there were surprises, there was mystery, there was a brilliantly executed story that was unlike anything I had read before filled with characters I instantly liked and connected with.” She says  “I would certainly recommend giving this a read if you want a fresh story not only set in Australia, but a great take on the apocalypse.”

The Fourth Door (The Secrets of Selkie Moon, #4)Brenda reviewed The Fourth Door by Virginia King and said “The Fourth Door is the 4th in The Secrets of Selkie Moon series by Aussie author Virginia King and once again it was intense, fast paced, suspense filled and laced with the supernatural. I’ve loved catching up with Selkie once again – her stories always get me in and I’m pleased she kept me entertained once again. Highly recommended.

The Total Devotion Machine: And Other StoriesThe Australian Legend reviewed The Total Devotion Machine: And Other Stories by Rosaleen Love. There are 17 short stories in this collection and Bill takes a look at a few of them, but especially The Total Devotion Machine.

The QuadrantsVeronica reviewed The Quadrants by Rohsaan McInnes, she says “Another emerging Aussie author with a fabulous future. McInnes throws us straight into the world of the Quadrants through portals and remote wilderness, cities and magical hideouts. Strange powers and lost boys. Coming of age, loyalty and betrayal. The plot races along through twists and turns as it follows Rohan Fraser on his adventures through a magical underworld. McInnes has a smooth style that will satisfy YA and adult readers alike. Characters are well drawn and the world building unique. A great read.”

The Year of the Fruit Cake: or Aliens with IronyJennifer reviewed The Year of the Fruit cake: Or Aliens With Irony by Gillian Polack, I’ve added this one to my TBR list after reading her review, it sounds like something very different. She says “Good novels, like fruitcake itself, are compounds. And, like fruitcake, it’s not always possible to distinguish each of the ingredients. For me, there are some unlikely ingredients, but the more I read the more likely they became. I never thought I’d enjoy a novel about a perimenopausal mostly mindwiped alien, but I did. Mostly.”


That’s it for this roundup, to check out the other books reviewed in September click here. I look forward to seeing what is read and reviewed next month. Thanks for linking your reviews to AWW, to keep linking click here.

Until next time, happy reading.