One month down already, I can see this year is going to fly. We had a great month for speculative fiction for the beginning of the year with 14 books reviewed. Some new ones and a couple of older ones, I really can’t wait to see what gets read this year.

Watershed by Jane  AbbottFirst up is Watershed by Jane Abbott which was reviewed by Jennifer who was very impressed with this debut novel and says “I picked up this novel and, against the background of Australia’s terrible drought and raging bushfires, was immediately drawn into this horrifying dystopian world. I finished reading the book on Christmas Day, have been dipping in and out since. While Jem and some of the other characters held my attention, it was the description of the landscape that has had me rereading.
‘There’s something real spooky about a dead tree … It’s the desolation, the look-what’s-left-of-me condemnation.’
If I’d read this novel when it was first published in 2016, I would have been comfortable seeing it as purely dystopian reading. Reading it in December 2019, revisiting it in January 2020, it feels all too real. It’s uncomfortable.”

Rebecca @ Story Addict reviewed The Old Lie by Claire G Coleman and says “The Old Lie,The Old Lie by Claire G. Coleman is one of those brilliant but infuriating novels that you really want to tell other people to read, but is really hard to describe properly without including at least a couple of almost-spoilers.                                                                                                        I can tell you that it’s a wonderfully imaginative, dark novel set in the future (mostly in outer space, but also on Earth in Australia), told from multiple points of view about humans trying to find their way back to Earth and make sense of what’s happened to their home planet.”

Theresa @ Theresa Smith Writes reviewed the novella Springtime – A Ghost Story by Michelle de Krester and said “ If you’re looking for an amusing and thought provoking little nibble of a read, then this is the ideal book for you. If you’ve never read Michelle de Kretser and have wondered if her books would be your cup of tea, this is a good way to sample her talent. Highly recommended.”

Brenda reviewed Esme’s Wish and says “Esme’s Gift is the 2nd in the Esme Trilogy by Aussie author Elizabeth Foster and I thoroughly enjoyed it. A follow on from Esme’s Wish, it continues in Esperance, in the magical world of Aeolia. The intelligence of the dragons; the various Gifts of all the characters (fascinating) and the book’s cover with Kendra the dragon and Esme on the edge of Mt Asha is beautifully and imaginatively done. Highly recommended.”

Veronica read Witch Blade by K.A Krake and describes it as such, “Witch Blade is well-woven paranormal tapestry that wraps itself around strong characters and an excellent plot.”

FaunaCarolyn read Fauna by Donna Mazza and says “This is an original and intriguing debut novel that would be an excellent choice for book clubs. There is so much to explore in this book and I had so many thoughts and questions after reading it that I’d love to discuss with fellow readers. I have a feeling it’s going to be very provocative and controversial.” and “This is definitely a thought provoking book, with its horrifying vision of the future, as well as a compassionate look at one family and their love for their special child.

A nice array of books covered this month, to see what else was read in january click here.

As always, happy reading and please continue to link your reviews to AWW.