Welcome, it is wonderful to have you on board as we take a trip through all the trends in the romance division of The Australian Women Writers Challenge for the month of February 2020.

It is so pleasing to see a significant surge in reviews for the romance category over the last month. Our figures jumped, with an extra ten reviews submitted in February, compared to our January stats. The increase in reviews means that we have an even greater selection of books to add to our reading lists.

The final intake for romance in February 2020 reflects a total 35 reviews, of 29 books, of 28 authors.

Here is a closer look at the romance themed books we loved and enjoyed over the past month.

There were two books vying for the title for the most reviewed book for February 2020. Promise Me Forever (Bindarra Creek A Town Reborn #8) by Juanita Kees garnered three very positive reviews thanks to Brenda, Helen Sibbritt and Claire’s Reads and Reviews.

On a side note to this title, we also received reviews for three other titles in the Bindarra Creek series, Stealing Her Heart (Bindarra Creek A Town Reborn #6) by Simone Angela reviewed by Helen SibbrittA Twist of Fate (Bindarra Creek A Town Reborn #7) by Erin Moira O’Hara also reviewed by Helen Sibbritt and a novella by Susanne Bellamy titled, Pearls and Green Beer which was reviewed by Claire’s Reads and Reviews. These titles are a great accompaniment to the latest issue in the series by Juanita Kees.

The other title that topped the romance category for February was a book I first introduced to you last month via an early review, Charlotte Pass by Lee Christine. Three new reviews came rolling in for this already popular romantic suspense title from Bree at 1 Girl 2 Many Books, Claire’s Reads and Reviews and Mrs B’s Book Reviews.

Another popular choice this month was a title I also featured in the January round up process. Alissa Callen’s The Boundary Fence, which is the seventh novel in her enduring Woodlea series, enchanted two readers in February. Bree at 1 Girl 2 Many Books and Mrs B’s Book Reviews both gave The Boundary Fence their full approval.

It is great to see Phillipa Nefri Clark’s name pop up again this month with her River’s End Mystery Romance prequel, Taming the Wind. Two reviews courtesy of Helen Sibbritt and Brenda, helped elevate this title to a ‘must read’.

February was heavy again on brand new 2020 titles. Personally, I wanted to add all of them to my wishlist (I think there were at least 12) thanks to the enticing reviews that accompanied these dazzling new romance books!

Jo at Booklover Book Reviews piqued my interest with a new book she reviewed with a rather intriguing title. Jo read The Likely Resolutions of Oliver Clock and she had this to say:

Whether humour strikes a chord, particularly the geeky variety, is a very personal thing. But, Riley certainly hit the right note for me. Along Oliver’s transformative, overarching character journey (mid-life awakening), the pace with which Riley’s narrative alternates between hilarity and the heartfelt had me enthralled and turning the pages late into the evening.

Claire’s Reads and Reviews puts forward a convincing case for the reader to pick up Susanne Cass’ latest, Bound by Silence, which follows on from book #1 in the Island Bound series. In her review, Claire explains that Bound by Silence contains plenty of twists, surprises, chemistry between the leads and excellent banter to keep the audience entertained.

If historical romance is your preferred reading fare, you must check out Owen (Regency Rockstars #2) by Sasha Cottman. Helen Sibbritt holds this title, author and series in high regard.

Romantic suspense fans will be sure to wrapped in Rapt: The Price of Love by Tania Joyce. Claire’s Reads and Reviews enjoyed this novel very much and would happily turn to more books in the future by this author.

A little routine I do like to include in my romance round ups is a brief overview of the books that have featured in previous round up issues, with new reviews attached. To view these titles just click on the links provided below to be taken directly to the reviews of each book. In February 2020 we revisited the following titles:

February also welcomed a very good share of romance titles published in the last few years. This is what we read in terms of romance published in 2018 or earlier during the round up period:

I think I need to take a breath, that was one full round up! Thank you so much for your valued contributions, via the reviews and recommendations made to our site. It certainly helps keep our category and the site in general ticking over very nicely indeed. Until we meet again in a month’s time, happy romance reading!

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