We have literally leapt into February, pardon the pun, with a terrific bunch of reviews with three titles being particularly popular with our general fiction readers and writers.  67 reviews for the month but due to the multiple entries there were 49 books covered.  So which ones were so popular and had our reviewers keen to read more from the same author?


Dervla McTiernan returns with her third Cormac Reilly novel The Good Turn and it certainly sounds like it was a terrific instalment in the series, most reviewers highlighting that it could be read on its own or as part of the series.  One common thread was that they all can’t wait for Number 4!

Jennifer (JC-S) Reviews  “This is a fast-moving story with several different strands and explores a number of different themes. I finished the novel, hoping that there will be a fourth. Ms McTiernan has given us some interesting and intriguing characters to follow” 

But Books are better Heide thought “As usual, the plot was clever, multi-faceted and compelling, which makes for the best kind of crime story.  I’m not going to say any more – as with every mystery, the less you know in advance the better! “

1girl2manybooks said “I was gripped by this, I didn’t want it to end even though I wanted the answers so badly and to see everything come to light.  The only thing is, now I have to wait for the next one.”

Another new release making waves was  Hannah Richell The River Home.  This one is definitely on my TBR pile so look forward to reading it after the reviews that have been submitted.  This is such a wonderful aspect of our challenge, to get excited by what authors are bringing to us and encouraging us all to give them a try.

Helen’s Reviews was totally touched by this one “I truly loved this story, I am still tearing up writing this review and I hope I do it justice, beautifully written with love and caring it shows what love can do, how it can bring a family together even though there has been so much hurt and resentment in the past through grief there is the chance to mend the broken bridges and find peace and happiness again. This is a story that I highly recommend”

Brenda’s reviews were also highly recommending this one “The River Home by Aussie author Hannah Richell was an emotional read about a family broken, seemingly beyond repair, and the courage and love it takes to mend what many years had shattered. A beautiful story which tugged at the heartstrings”

CarpeLibrum Tracey felt that “Richell’s writing is atmospheric and she has a magical way of bringing a setting and a scene to life on the page. I longed to walk through the rooms at Windfalls and smell the apples in the orchard nearby.”

Another favourite is Kelly Rimmer  with her latest novel The Truths I never told you which made quite an impression on Shelleyrae Rimmer’s depiction of Grace and Beth’s struggle is sensitive and realistic, I felt deeply sympathetic towards both women who battled with their feelings of shame and confusion as the illness threatened to overwhelm them.  Rimmer also raises a number of other related issues, including the importance of access to inexpensive contraception, and safe, legal abortion to protect women’s emotional and physical health.  Written with heart and compassion, Truths I Never told you is a though provoking and engaging novel.


One reviewer provides a particularly personal insight and thoughts (and sleepless night) on The Bass Rock by Evie Wyld, this one really resonated with her and made quite an impact, thanks for your review Kali Napier

Leah Swann new novel Sheerwater has hit the shelves and we received a highly rated review from Carolyn Scott“Overall, this is a haunting tale with a very emotional ending and an important one as every day we continue to hear harrowing tales of family domestic violence caused by uncontrolled male anger.”

Marianne’s Reviews Minnie Darke’s new novel The Lost Love Song was highly regarded  “It’s easy to fall in love with Darke’s characters, who are by no means perfect but are definitely the sort of people you want to know. Their dialogue is natural: at times clever and amusing, often wise. The challenges these people face are from every-day life and how they deal with them is completely credible. Darke portrays grief, and reactions of others to those grieving, exceptionally well. A warm and wonderful story, beautifully told.”  

Following on from the previous month Fiona Lowe Just and Ordinary Family also featured well again with four reviews.

Thanks to everyone who has contributed reviews this month, looking forward to what’s ahead of in March.  Hope the rain has reached you where ever you are.

About me : Ever since my year nine English Teacher placed My Brilliant Career, Harp in the South, Coonardoo and The Timeless Land in my hand Australian Women Writers who pen historical and contemporary fiction has been my favourite genre.  Managing a rural library service in Northern Victoria I am surrounded by books all day and it is so hard to remain on the task-in-hand rather than be amongst the shelves (particularly the Australian Fiction section!).  But no, librarians do not read all day but I certainly try and make up for it any time I can!

Cheers for now,