We are starting to see restrictions ease in my home state which means a lot of people are out and about more, the children are all in school and thankfully my littlest is napping on the couch so perhaps some focus will help me get this round-up into your feeds sooner rather than later.

It seems that isolation really helped with people’s reading as we have had a huge number of reviews posted this period. Since the last round-up we have seen 83 reviews logged of 50 books by 50 authors  (and can I just say that I love the fact that there was 50 books and 50 authors because of the way it looks). That means that no author made it into the round-up for more than one book, and I don’t remember that happening throughout my time as Crime editor. The other thing that stood out for me is that there aren’t very many real standouts with lots of review attention so I’m actually going to have to make conscious decisions what to spotlight this time around.

I will start with the the three books that had the most entries, and all are quite new releases so I’m sure we will see more of them in the coming months.

Who We Were by B.M. Carroll is an intriguing look at transformation and growth through the lens of a high school reunion. It has 7 entries in the database, one being an author talk hosted by Theresa Smith Writes about Carroll’s time at high school, and a couple of double up reviews.


Cloggie Downunder says: The story’s narrative is from seven perspectives that make it clear that several of the characters are in very different places from what was expected when they left Macquarie High. Carroll’s characters are easily relatable, and their dialogue familiar, the sort we all encounter in the café, bar or supermarket. Her depictions of teenaged cruelty, insecurity, drug use, anxiety and rebelliousness are convincing. The story also features homelessness, bullying, cliques, and step-children.

Shelleyrae @ Book’d Out writes succinct and insightful reviewers that I love to follow, and she closes her review with: With a dramatic conclusion, a well crafted plot and interesting characters, I really enjoyed Who We Were, and I’m happy to recommend.

Amanda @ Mrs B’s Book Reviews says: I will admit that it took some time to settle into the groove of this novel, but I’m glad I persisted. There are seven different narrators that alternate as the book progresses. I loved how we were introduced to these narrators via their life at present and their past aspirations thanks to their respective yearbook entries. Although there are multiple voices to be heard, each is inhabited well by Carroll. I also appreciated that Carroll sign-posted each character interchange with a chapter heading, this assisted my reading process, which I found to be smooth and very addictive.

I too read and loved Who We Were and just reading over my review now to pick a perfect snippet to add to this round-up has proven too difficult so if you want to know what I thought you can read my review at Mic Loves Books.

Inheritance of Secrets by Sonya Bates is a new release that is sitting on my desk calling for attention, that I would love to give it if there were just a few more hours in my day. Six times this one pops up in the database with reviews by a number of our regular reviewers and an author talk hosted by Theresa Smith Writes.

Book cover

Denise Newton Writes had this to say: This novel is a textured, absorbing thriller that ticked many boxes for me: a mystery from wartime Europe, a modern story line with a believable, sympathetic heroine, fast paced action and a satisfying emotional arc. A bonus: much of the modern day action takes place in Adelaide and Victor Harbour in South Australia, settings not often seen in novels but which work wonderfully in this story.

Shelley – Underground Writers closes her review with: It takes an impressive thriller to garner a five-star rating from me, and Inheritance of Secrets is up on my list of favourite reads of 2020 so far! If you’re a fan of historical fiction with a thriller/mystery twist, I would highly recommend this book.

Inheritance of Secrets was also reviewed by Amanda @ Mrs B’s Book Reviews, snowqueensvt and Ashleigh Meikle – The Book Muse, you can read their reviews on their respective sites.

This is a book with some pretty impressive reviews, and it’s sitting on my desk. I think i will have to push it up the pile after reading what our reviewers have said.

The next book is Prey by L.A. Larkin which finishes up with 5 entries in the database. all reviews and by reviewers that we see often in the Crime round-up.

Jennifer Cameron-Smith says: Be warned: this is not for the squeamish. It’s an intriguing novel full of action with some very interesting characters. I finished this novel, keen to read ‘Devour’ (the first in the series) and hoping for more to follow. Olivia Wolfe is a feisty character.

Shelleyrae @ Book’d Out closes her review with: While Prey is a sequel to Devour, which introduces Olivia in a similarly high intensity thriller, it’s not necessary to have read it to enjoy this (though I recommend you do). An action packed story with a plot of intrigue and a dynamic lead character, Prey is a gripping and exciting read.

Prey was also reviewed by Brenda on Goodreads and Veronica @ The Burgeoning Bookshelf and Amanda @ Mrs b’s Book Reviews on their respective sites.

The bulk of reviews logged in this round-up were published in 2020, with 2019 coming in close behind. We did have a review logged for a Joy Dettman title published in 2006. Heidi @ but books are better listened to the audiobook One Sunday and became a Dettman fan.

That’s probably enough for today but there are so many other great crime novels reviewed and if you want to check out all of the crime novels that have been reviewed you can head to the AWW Books Reviewed page and search by Genre. It will put all of the reviews at your fingertips.

We would love to hear about the great crime reads you have enjoyed recently, and I’m off to see what else I can catch up on so that I can get some reading done. Please tell us who’s helping you survive the isolation of social distancing.

Have a great evening and a reading filled weekend.