Welcome to winter and all that good reading by the fire weather.  I am looking out my window and it’s a crisp frosty morning and no doubt there will be many more to come – well at least in my part of the world anyway.

This month saw 73 reviews covering 48 titles and thanks to everyone who has taken time to review during May.  It’s been a month that has seen most of Australia emerge from the lockdown period.  Authors and bookshops have continued to provide a wide range of online events which have provided our writers a great way of reaching out to their reading community.  Well done to all the writers who have connected with readers on many online platforms and we hope in the coming months they will once again be able to return to bookshops and libraries to launch their new books and talk to their readers in the way we were used to.  It may take some time but hopefully this can happen.   And a big shout out to all the literary festivals that have managed to offer their festival through online events and to the many libraries that have also included author interviews as part of their online services whilst they were closed.

Our first review is The Cake Maker’s Wish that was just released this week by Josephine Moon




Thanks to cloggiedownunder for being hot off the press with her glowing review of Josephine’s sixth novel which she describes as “Mouth-watering and a little mysterious Josephine Moon’s latest novel will have you smiling, welling up with tears, preheating the oven and digging out the cake tins, or at least the cake forks. This is Moon at her best!”

Will add one of mrsbbookreviews for the first novel in the Seasons series by Eliza Bennett called Summer at Urchin’s Bluff. “Summer at Urchin’s Bluff marks the start of the ‘Seasons’ series by Australian author Eliza Bennetts. I have two more issues in this delightful mature age romance series sitting on my shelves waiting to be read. The first thing that struck me about this book and writing was just how down to earth the tone and the writing style is, which is thanks to the author’s craftsmanship”.  

Sharon’s reviews enjoyed Trish Morey’s One Summer between friends and felt that it was a beautifully written story of friendship that will pull at your heartstrings and leave you wanting more. I thoroughly loved this story and look forward to reading more by this author in the future.

Clairesreadsandreviews enjoyed this one too and even though she didn’t think initially it was for her “I wasn’t quite sure if I was going to enjoy this book when I picked it up, but I’m really glad I did because it was a really good read. There are many themes covered in this story, but one of the important ones is Jules’ diagnosis of breast cancer. The struggles of the treatment and the issue of being away from home due to where she lived, are ones women face every day, and I thought this was all handled very well.

cloggiedownunder also enjoyed The Safe Place by debut author Anna Downes.  Here is a link to a great article about the excitement of the publisher picking up this writer – they do indeed seem pretty pumped about signing her up! Safe Place by Anna Downes Affirm Press In Marianne’s reviews she gave it five stars so this might be a new writer worth checking out.  She says “Oh boy! If you think you know where this is going, think again. Downes constructs her tale so skilfully that when you work out what’s going on, you see all the little clues that preceded, hinting at the reality. Two-thirds in is the big “aha” moment, and then the tension really ramps up as the story charges to a nail-biting climax.  Both thrilling and thought-provoking, this is a brilliant debut from an author whose next work will be eagerly anticipated.

A popular title that was reviewed multiple times was Meredith Appleyard’s When Grace Went Away.  See the previous Erotica, Romance and Romantic suspense round up that came out this week – it has links to all the glowing reviews. Meredith Appleyard has a really lovely website which provides more information about her other novels.

Am looking forward to reading the classics and literary and diversity round up later in the month as there are many terrific novels in this category that you will enjoy hearing about.  I am afraid I have been a bit slow with my reading this month but I do look forward to finishing The Dictionary of Lost Words by Pip Williams – it certainly has received a lot of media coverage.

Until next time, stay safe, well and warm.

About me : Ever since my year nine English teacher placed My Brilliant Career, Harp in the South, Coonardoo and The Timeless Land in my hand Australian Women Writers who pen historical fiction and contemporary fiction has been my favourite genre.  Managing a rural library service in Northern Victoria I am surrounded by books all day and it is hard to remain on the task-in-hand rather than be amongst the shelves.  But no, librarians do not read all day but I certainly try and make up for it any time I can!