Hello everyone.  October was a pretty busy month with 81 reviews coming through – thanks to everyone who has contributed again.  There were a few titles that received multiple reviews including Jane Harper’s new novel The Survivors, Monica McInerney’s The Godmothers and Joanna Neil’s next instalment The great escape from Woodlands Nursing Home .

Our first review is for Louise Guy’s A life worth living and it was provided by Carolyn’s Reviews who said “This is an interesting and well written family drama with carefully crafted characters, including Eve’s delightful twin daughters. The ethical issues that arise from Leah’s decision and the effects they have on her friends and family are carefully examined and make for a provoking and enjoyable read.”

The eagerly anticipated fourth novel The Survivors by Jane Harper has hit the ground running and went pretty much straight to #1 on the bestseller list.  The publicity machine has also been busy with the announcement of her first novel The Dry screen adaptation hitting cinemas on January 1 2021 – something to look forward to.  There were a number of reviews and it sounds like Jane is not disappointing her readers. Carpe Librum felt that the novel finished strongly and the way Jane Harper uses her setting is definitely a strong point “as in previous books, it’s the setting that shines brightest. I think Jane Harper writes Australian locations exceptionally well and they’re a pleasure to occupy between the pages. The Survivors by Jane Harper is a stand alone recommended for fans of Aussie crime who enjoy a good mystery.”

Marianne’s Reviews gave it a five star rating and also commented on the setting of the story “Harper easily evokes her setting: for anyone who has spent a summer in an Australian coastal town, this will feel familiar. The dialogue is exactly what one hears in such a place, and the characters are multi-faceted and believably flawed. Once again, Harper produces a brilliantly-plotted piece of Australian crime fiction, with red herrings and diversions that will keep the pages turning and the reader guessing right up to the final pages.”


Popular author Sally Hepworth has just released her latest novel The Good Sister and it sounds like another one that you just can’t put down!  Jennifer (JC-S) reviews doesn’t give much away in her review but she certainly enjoyed the storyline “I can’t write much more without spoiling what is a dramatic story full of suspense. Suffice to say that life changes for both sisters.   Things are not always as they seem initially.  I really enjoyed this novel.”

The impressive Monica McInerney has released another novel, bound to be enjoyed by readers far and wide.  The Godmothers received very glowing reviews including one from Theresa Smith Writes  who explains “I’ve been reading Monica McInerney’s novels for a long time now and each new release delivers what I can only describe as a literary hug – comfort reading with all the feels. Warm, funny, honest, deeply sad at times, but ultimately hopeful. Classic Monica McInerney, and I mean that as the highest of praise.”

Sydney based GP and writer Joanna Nell keeps the humour coming along with her latest novel The great escape from Woodlands Nursing Home It hit the mark for Brenda’s reviews who thought it “heartwarming, realistic, at times sad, at times laugh out loud funny, a story of life – not in the fast lane (as Walter would have it) – for our elderly who are placed into nursing homes and often forgotten. Poignant and very readable, The Great Escape from Woodlands Nursing Home is one I recommend.”  And Cathy Powell who was really taken with the second book of Nells was keen to read this one and provide a review “ I became a fan of Joanna Nell’s writing when I read her second book, The Last Voyage of Mrs Henry Parker. This latest one is an absolutely delightful book that I thoroughly enjoyed from start to finish.”


And the last one for this round-up comes from the Head of Content of Mamamia Holly Wainright’s I give my marriage a year which Mrs B’s Book Reviews indicates “I Give My Marriage a Year is a realistic, honest and considered look at a marriage in crisis. From the author of the bestselling novel The Mummy Bloggers, Holly Wainwright offers a balanced and thoughtful presentation of both partner’s views in regards to the possible demise of a long standing relationship. A book that holds universal appeal, I think I Give My Marriage a Year will strike a chord with all readers, no matter their marital status.”


And that’s a wrap for this month.  Look forward to what people get their hands on during November.  I am currently engrossed in Sofie Laguna’s brand new release Infinite Splendours and cannot put it down!

About me : Ever since my year nine English teacher placed My Brilliant Career, Harp in the South, Coonardoo and The Timeless Land in my hand Australian Women Writers who pen historical and contemporary fiction has been my favourite genre.  Managing a rural library service in Northern Victoria I am surrounded by books all day and it is hard to remain on the task-in-hand rather than be amongst the shelves.  But no, librarians do not read all day but I certainly try and make up for it any time I can?