Wow, October sure flew by quickly, I’ve got my reading mojo back so I’m happy about that. How is everybody else going? We had 18 books reviewed during October which is pretty good.

First up is Future Girl by Asphyxia a YA novel reviewed by Emily @A Keyboard and an Open Mind who says This book is unlike anything I’ve read before. It snuck up on me a bit. At first I was finding it a bit slow and then I reached a point where I couldn’t put it down.” She says it is a different take on the dystopian genre and This is an Own Voices book. Asphyxia is a Deaf author/artist/activist and so is the MC, Piper.”  Emily saysYou won’t find another book quite like this one and I definitely recommend picking this up.” Which is a great recommendation and I’m going to try and get hold of a copy.


Deal with the Devil by Savannah BlaizeHelen read Deal With the Devil by Savannah Blaize and says “This is a great story, the characters are strong, bold and very likeable, even if one of them is The Devil himself and if the Devil was like this maybe things would be better in the world, I loved meeting Luc Nightingale and Harper Cole in a journey that had some ups and downs but so much love, I hope that you will pick this one up and enjoy it like I did.” and “This was a story that had me turning the pages to find out what was going to happen next, things were changing so much for Harper, Luc is more like a fallen angel than a devil in my mind and was very easy to love and Harper what a strong person she is, she stood up for what she wanted and was caring and loving. This story was different than I expected but I did thoroughly enjoy it and am very happy to recommend it to anyone who likes a story with a twist, a little different from the normal.” I‘m looking at getting a copy of this one too.

The Mother Fault by Kate MildenhallThe Mother Fault by Kate Mildenhall was reviewed by four people, I actually read this also, well I listened to the audiobook, I haven’t written a review but I thought for the most part it was a good story.                                          Jackie                                                                                                                                                                        Cloggie Down Under                                                                                                                                                Theresa Smith Writes                                                                                                                                                Veronia “Frighteningly possible! With echoes of the current global crisis ringing in my head, Mildenhall’s The Mother Fault was a scary, gut-wrenching read. True to the core of speculative fiction by giving us her answer to the question of ‘what if’, Mildenhall provides suspense, adventure, and the ubiquitous Department, then balances the fabulous world-building with such real, flawed characters, that you can absolutely imagine this happening in the not so distant future. The Mother Fault is more than a thriller, there are strong social threads that build an even deeper commentary on a whole range of biases, the challenges of motherhood, loyalty, and families to name a few. A scarily good read, highly recommended.” 


Blackbirch by K.M. AllanBlackbird: The Dark Half by K.M Allan was reviewed by Veronica who says “There’s action, romance, and mystery for our young protagonist, Josh in the town of Blackbirch as he learns more about his unusual magick, and explores friendship and first love. Allan takes this second book in the series through some unexpectedly dark and devious twists, with betrayal and lust for power driving a sharp plot. And the hooks are well and truly in for the third volume, with unanswered mysteries and a quest to fulfill for Josh and his friends. A great read.”


For the other books reviewed in October please go here to check them all out. Until next time, happy reading and keep linking those books.