Hello everyone,

Our first week of Summer – can you believe it?  Our readers of general fiction have been a little quieter over the past month with 34 reviews being submitted.

My reading has been a little slower too due to study and work commitments but one novel that has blown me away and I will include it in this month’s round up. It is Sofie Laguna’s Infinite Splendours which is receiving high praise from a number of published reviews.  I will say, like many other Goodreads and media reviewers, it does come with a trigger warning as it deals with some confronting and traumatic events, but it will certainly make an impact on you.  I would be interested to know your thoughts if you have read it too, here is Jenny Mustey’s review

I haven’t heard of the next title so was intrigued to read Marianne’s Reviews of Julietta Henderson’s first novel The funny thing about Norman Foreman Marianne gave this debut a stellar review, a five star rating and a high recommendation and she looks forward to what Julietta might write next!  Marianne said “Henderson’s debut novel is funny, moving, heart-warming and uplifting, and more of this talented author will definitely be welcome. Recommended!”  

And another title that was unfamiliar to me but certainly sounds like it is worth diving into is Desney King’s Transit of Angels I have included mrsbbookreviews interview with Desney King as it is a real treat and provides great insight into the inspiration and themes of this novel.  It also provides an interesting back story of Desney’s own journey as an author.





And we will finish with a romantic story from Mandy Magro titled Riverstone Edge.  Mandy has written many titles and no doubt her new one Home Sweet Home will pop up in reviews soon.  Sharon’s review of Riverstone Ridge highlights that sometimes it worth giving a book another look and it might surprise you “Riverstone Ridge by Aussie author Mandy Margo is a well written story which I thoroughly enjoyed. I honestly thought when I first started this book it was just going to be a romance, but it was so much more than that and I’m so pleased I picked this one up. A truly captivating and heartwarming story which I highly recommend.”

About me : Ever since my year nine English teacher placed My Brilliant Career, Harp in the South, Coonardoo and The Timeless Land in my hand Australian Women Writers who pen historical and contemporary fiction has been been my favourite genre.  Managing a rural library service in Northern Victoria I am surrounded by books all day and it is hard to remain on the task-in-hand rather than be amongst the shelves.  But no, librarian do not read all day but I certainly try and make up for it any time I can?  Well, hopefully I will do now there is more time for sitting around the pool 🙂