Hello and we’ve already made it through the first month of the new year, it seems to have gone so fast. During January, 7 books were reviewed and linked to the AWW database.

Sculpture by Phillipa Nefri ClarkSculpture: A magical Christmas short story (Doctor Grok’s Peculiar Shop Book 4) by Phillipa Nefri Clark was reviewed by Helen who says “This is the fourth in the series and they leave me feeling very happy, I do love to see things work out for people and MS Clark has a way with words that does just that.”


Sargasso by Kathy GeorgeSargasso by Kathy George was reviewed by Brenda who said “I don’t know quite what I was expecting, but this wasn’t it! Sargasso by Aussie author Kathy George is an intense, dark and deep novel which went from being ‘normal’ at around halfway, to strange and slightly weird. It wasn’t until I neared the ending that what I’d wondered was confirmed; the twist was a beauty. An intriguing, captivating and mysterious read, Sargasso is one I recommend highly.” and Jennifer who says “This novel grew on me gradually and then I found I could not put it down because I needed to know how it would end. And the ending was, for me, unsettling but perfect.” I also read this, but for me, I didn’t really enjoy it at all, in fact, I skipped a lot of it, but maybe that was my mood at the time.

Beneath the Surface by Rebecca LanghamVeronica read Beneath the Surface (Outsider Project #1) by Rebecca Langham and it was a winner for her, she says “Beneath the Surface is the perfect title for this book. On the outside a dystopian tale of a pandemic, technology and aliens, but beneath the surface – relationships, corruption, politics, and racism. The world building is clear and the characters are the best combination of relatable, both positive and negative. The slow burn for the main characters is handled beautifully and the final twists and turns makes it clear that book two is on the TBR list! A great dystopian tale.”


New Australian Fiction 2020 by Rebecca StarfordCass reviewed an anthology New Australian Fiction 2020 edited by Rebecca Starford, she says “Editor Rebecca Starford once again has given us a delightful taste of the latest and greatest Aussie fiction with New Australian Fiction 2020 (Kill Your Darlings 2020). These regular publications never disappoint. Some stories will appeal more to particular readers than others, but on the whole, the standard is excellent – some edgy and creative narratives and some more traditional but just as enjoyable stories. Pandemic themes feature strongly, as do those of hope and the future.”


Hollowpox by Jessica TownsendHollowpox: The Hunt for Morrigan Crow (Nevermoor, #3) by Jessica Townsend was reviewed by Tinted Edges who says “This is a series that is getting better and better as it progresses. Townsend explores a plethora of social issues in this book from stigma and discrimination to diplomatic relations. Where I found the magic a bit chaotic and confusing in the first book, Townsend has settled into the story and created a great structure for Morrigan to progress through her education mastering different skills. I’m really enjoying the dynamics of her friends in Unit 919, and some of the personalities are really starting to develop in interesting and amusing ways.” and Jennifer who says “I have enjoyed each of the three books in this series and will now wait (patiently, of course) for the fourth installment. If you enjoy fantasy, then I recommend this series.” I have this book waiting patiently on my shelf, like Jennifer and Tinted edges, I thoroughly enjoy this series.

Thanks to those who added their books this month, I look forward to seeing what everyone reads next month. Happy reading and don’t forget to link those reviews.