I can not believe we are almost at the end of April, halfway through the first lot of school holidays, and there has not been nearly enough reading happening in my house. Definitely not enough reviewing, I am getting further and further behind with those and am beginning to think a fresh start is going to be the only option; with a short paragraph on Goodreads with a star rating to catch up on the ones I missed. I just need to make sure I do the fresh start bit, I have got one review up recently so I’m pleased about that…. and it’s even in this genre.

The new keyboard that I lamented about last round-up….it was replaced. I couldn’t do it. There was no untimely death by milk, just a relocated to the shelf and replaced with another. I much prefer the newer new one, though as I sit here in a silent house while everyone sleeps, it seems awfully loud.

The seasons have changed and it’s starting to cool down, and get a lot wetter, which makes for perfect curling up on the couch weather – and it shows.

I must say that I am most impressed with the numbers for the March-April round-up, even though I can see there are quite a few duplicate entries in the database.
We have recorded 92 reviews of 58 books by 45 authors and that’s some pretty good numbers. Let’s see what proved popular over the last couple of months.

The most reviewed book is Other People’s Houses by Kelli Hawkins, which was released March 3rd, 2021 and reviewed 5 times.

Shelleyrae @ Book’d Out closes her review with: “Offering a compelling protagonist and an interesting storyline, I really enjoyed Other People’s Houses. This is a well-crafted crime fiction debut from Kelli Hawkins.”

Shiver by Allie Reynolds made it’s first appearance in a round-up last time with 4 reviews, and it has another 4 reviews this round-up.

Lee@ReadWriteWish says: “Reynolds builds the tension nicely. In the ‘ten years ago’ section, you are waiting for the climactic scenes to explain what happened and in the present day the problems at the resort start off small and escalate gradually. She does a good job with finding reasons for the group to separate (and, therefore, become vulnerable as they’re alone). She also finds realistic reasons the group can’t easily escape from the resort to the relative safety of a more populated area.”




The Paris Affiar By Pip Drysdale was released in February and attracted 4 reviews, by Mrs B’s Book Reviews, Shelleyrae@Book’d Out, Veronica@The Burgeoning Bookshelf and Jo@Booklover Book Reviews.

Veronica@The Burgeoning Bookshelf was a definite fan of the book, and she says:

“The Paris Affair is set in the city of love however Pip Drysdale shows us a seedier side of Paris with a serial killer stalking young women. The story is set firmly in the modern day with texting, Tinder dates, Instagram posts and Uber rides. The mentions of Harper stalking her ex on Instagram and Googling the artist from the exhibition she was covering to get more information on him was all very realistic.
There are plenty of twists, turns and danger as Harper investigates the murdered girl’s life and I found myself holding my breath with my heart pounding as I turned the pages.
The Paris Affair is another sharply plotted page turner from Pip Drysdale placing her firmly on my ‘must read’ list. “
Also attracting 4 reviews is The Lady With The Gun Asks The Questions by Kerry Greenwood. Published March 30, 2021 I’m sure we will be seeing this one in future round-ups.
Shelleyrae@Book’d Out eloquently opens her review by saying: “If you are not yet familiar with the Honourable Miss Phryne Fisher, then this collection of short stories is a wonderful introduction to the elegant, sensual, and sassy lady private detective, while established fans will enjoy the opportunity to again accompany the intrepid investigator on her adventures in 1920’s Melbourne, and occasionally further afield.”
3 reviews were recorded for Tanya Bretherton’s The Husband Poisoner, Traffic by Robin Gregory, Revenge: Murder in 3 Parts by S.L. Lim, Debra Oswald’s The Family Doctor and Something to Hide by Fleur McDonald.
Most of the books reviewed in the last couple of months have been released between 2018 and 2021 so it grabbed my attention to discover that there was a 2010 and a 2011 release by Kerry Greewood reviewed by Cloggie Downunder.

That’s probably enough for today but there are so many other great crime novels reviewed and if you want to check out all of the crime novels that have been reviewed you can head to the AWW Books Reviewed page and search by Genre. It will put all of the reviews at your fingertips.

We would love to hear about the great crime reads you have enjoyed recently, and I’m off to dismantle Mt Washmore.

Have a great evening and a reading filled weekend.