Hello again, a quarter of the year gone already, it seems like it was the new year only the other day. March saw 17 books reviewed which is pretty good, it’s good to see some new books on the list.

First up is a book I have out of the library at the moment, I saw a review a while ago and was intrigued and the review by Ebony @Underground Writers makes me even keener to get to it. Waking Romeo by Kathryn Barker is a time-travel, dystopian YA novel about which Ebony says “While the bleak future of our idle world looms over the characters, it in no way makes the story a less enjoyable read. The characters are engaging, with a lot of history and quirks that I’d love to have seen more of, and the mysteries are convoluted enough that I was left theorising what would happen next in between reading sessions. There is rarely a dull moment with its fast-moving plot and it has plenty of themes and insightful monologues to give readers something to think about. From mental illness to ideas around masculinity, Barker touches on many societal issues that are prevalent to the story’s young audience, a generation that is actively striving to deconstruct societal expectations and forge a healthy and productive path of their own.”


Stealing TimeNext is a novel I am halfway through and finding a very intriguing read Stealing Time by Rebecca Bowyer, a chilling dystopian sci-fi novel. This was reviewed by three people, Brenda who says “Stealing Time by Aussie author Rebecca Bowyer has a huge focus on mothers and their children (or in this case, their child) and what they would do for them. The situation of a damaged Australia – and across the world – where climate change has caused a lack of food and resources, where the aged are not of any value (I’d have been terminated already!), where death is peaceful (if you’ve reached 65 and been a model citizen) or brutal if you’re a criminal – I’m very glad this book is fiction! Entertaining and different, Stealing Time is well worth a read. Recommended.”, Veronica “The author shades our familiar world with subtle snippets of speculative fiction, beautifully complete in their execution…” and Jackie “… intriguing temporal ideas are closely attached to current social anxieties about time running out for the planet. This combination of science and social conscience is packaged up in an engaging story…”


The Emporium of Imagination: green doors with yellow windows are surrounded by purple wisteriaTabitha Bird’s The Emporium of Imagination was super popular with seven people reviewing it, luckily my mum bought this for me instead of Easter eggs, now to find the time to read it. Carolyn says “The Emporium is truly a wondrous place and has a little bit of magic for everyone, even those who have never believed in magic before. Beautifully written with wonderful characters, this is a book to fill everyone’s hearts.”, Shellyrae @book’d Out says “Crafted with sensitivity, compassion and Tabitha Bird’s particular brand of magic, The Emporium of Imagination explores grief, regret, love, forgiveness, and hope. Anyone, which face it is almost everyone, who has ever lost something – be it a dream, a relationship, a treasured item, or a person – will be deeply moved by this story, which reminds us, among other things, that redemption and salvation is always a possibility.”, Ashleigh @The Book Muse says “I loved the way everything came together in this book. It was both expected and unexpected, as well as what I hoped would happen. There were times of tension, yet they didn’t feel as anxious as some books do. Just enough to drive the plot forward and give us hope. This delightful and touching book is filled with nostalgia, as I said before, and hope, but can also bring a tear to your eye, so read this with a box of tissues beside you!” There were also reviews by Theresa Smith Witres who says”Structurally interesting with a brilliant cast and a magical storyline, The Emporium of Imagination is the type of novel that offers each reader a unique experience. I don’t feel as though any two readers will read this story the same way. Just as the Emporium offers each person what they need at this point in time, so too does this story. It’s a remarkable achievement with a deeply personal attention to detail that has me filled with admiration.”, BrendaWhat an absolute delight The Emporium of Imagination is! , Cass Moriarty and Dark Matterzine.


There were plenty of other fabulous sounding books and reviews, so please take a look at what else was reviewed in March HERE. And please keep linking your reviews HERE.

Until next time, happy reading.