6 months down already and what a year it has been in so many ways. June had 11 books reviewed, (3 of those were children’s books) and linked to the AWW site.

Waking RomeoFirst up is Waking Romeo by Kathryn Barker reviewed by me Claire’s Reads and Reviews I really loved this novel, I thought “This was a fabulous read, something so different to anything else I’ve read, time-travel, dystopian fiction, romance, built on a classic novel, so many different aspects that made up this unique novel. There is a lot to get your head around in this novel, especially the jumping back and forwards in time, the different timelines and how they play out, the memories and Jules’ story, but if you go in with an open mind then you’ll be in for one hell of a ride. This would have been a five star read if it hadn’t been for the final couple of chapters where for the first time I did struggle to get my head around the time travel/ consequences aspect, but I will get this out of the library again and reread those chapters, and hopefully, it will all become clear.”  Dark Matter Zine also reviewed Waking Romeo and have a good breakdown of what they liked and didn’t, but overall they said “This novel is one of those rare stories that will inspire those who’ve previously shunned Literature – like Wuthering Heights – to actually read the books. And plays. Not only do I recommend Waking Romeo as a cracking read, it’s essential for high school English programs because it will inspire a portion of students to delve into the classics. (Poor souls.)”

Night Blue by Angela O'KeeffeJennifer Cameron-Smith reviewed Night Blue by Angela O’Keeffe a story giving voice to the painting Blue Poles, and I have to admit to being intrigued after reading her review, she says “An inner (logical) voice tells me that it should not work, but it does. Ms O’Keeffe goes behind what is known and imagines life where many of us see a static object. It made me think both about the significance of Blue Poles, and the story it (or any other painting) could tell if we could hear its voice. This is a clever and engaging novel. I enjoyed it, and I am still thinking about the voices (for surely there is more than one) within and behind this (and other) paintings.”


The Ruined Land by Clare RhodenVeronica Strachan reviewed The Ruined Land by Clare Rhoden (The Chronicles of the Pale #3) and says “Intelligent, thought-provoking speculative fiction. And a fitting finale to a great series – The Pale. This third book, Ruined Land had me on tenterhooks until the very end. In her succinct and subtle style, the action never stopped, the plot twisted, turned and looped, and the brutality of the world took a few of my favourites, and some of the others, but the conclusion was reached, leaving enough room for a little hope for the future.”


And lastly for something different Mrs B’s Book Reviews interviewed Susan Hoddy about her newest vampire novel Crestwell

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