Hello everyone, hope you are all weathering the storm, quite literally!  Apart from ongoing restrictions and upheaval due to the pandemic we have some challenging events including an earthquake that hit a large part of the southern part of the mainland, heavy rain on the East Coast and a tornado in regional NSW.  Hope everyone is doing ok! There certainly was a lot of reading happening as well in September with 79 reviews covering 43 titles.

Our first book is from Sydney based Lawyer Elodie Cheesman who has turned to fiction writing with her debut novel Love, in theory.  Elodie’s book is based on the premise ‘there’s an algorithm for everything else, so why not love?’ Veronica@ Burgeoning Bookshelf enjoyed this one and said in her review “Love, in Theory is a light read, a fun rom-com and I read it at a time when I needed something light, cheery and with a happy ending. In this way it certainly delivered.  Elodie Cheesman has written a delightful debut about the conundrum of dating in the modern era and the old adage of whether to follow your heart or your head.”

Popular author Karly Lane has been busy writing and released this one in May and has two more coming out later this year.  Her novel Take Me Home was reviewed by Sharon Hill who gave it a very positive five star rating for one of her favourite authors. “The descriptions throughout this story were fabulous. Australian author Karly Lane is one of my favourite authors and when I discover she has a new book being release I just have to have a copy. I have enjoyed all of Karly’s books, but this book, Take Me Home was by far her best one yet. (My opinion). Highly recommended.”

Karen Manton’s The Curlew’s Eye definitely caught the eye of Marianne’s Reviews who thought “Manton’s descriptive prose is marvellous, and includes gems like: “Waves curved, sighed, broke, pulled back and made themselves again.” This novel is very much a slow burn and features an element of the paranormal. Although readers anticipating a major dramatic twist may find the resolution a little anti-climactic, this is an impressive debut novel.”  The link at the beginning of this paragraph will take you to an interesting 30 minute interview Karen recently did on ABC Radio Darwin.

Our next book is Ned Kelly Award winning book for Best Debut Crime Fiction Novel The Second Son by Loraine Peck and it’s worth heading to her website to watch the book trailer of this novel.  Carolyn Scott rated this one highly and said in her review “This is gritty crime at its best. Peck’s understanding of the gangs and their different modes of operation have been well researched and she sets up a believable world of violence, drugs, family loyalty and revenge.  Brilliant!”

Our final one for this round up is from Tricia Stringer with her latest one called Birds of a Feather.  Jennifer Cameron Smith’s review stated “I really enjoyed this novel, with its coverage of topical issues (including the Covid-19 pandemic, the challenges faced by FIFO families, and life after retirement). Ms Stringer brings her characters to life, as well as the sometimes claustrophobic ‘feel’ of a small town.”

Hope there is something here that appeals to you.  Enjoy the last month of Spring and look forward to catching up with you next month.