by Myra Morris (1893-1966)

In this Wednesday’s post on Women’s Nights held by the Australian Literary Society, we named some of the papers and activities that were presented. These included recitations of poems by contemporary poets, including Victorian-born Myra Morris (1893-1966). We don’t know which poem of hers was recited, but the one we are sharing today, “Come wind and come rain!”, was published in 1931.


Come wind and come rain,
With drops on the pane,
With creak of old boughs that are thinning!
Come storms on the tide
That will keep me inside,
For I want to be on with my spinning!
Oh, joyous to spin
(Storm-cradled, shut-in),
With words that are magic and airy,
Songs racing and free
As the fast-flowing sea,
Or light as the laugh of a fairy!
Come wind and come rain!
It is vain, it is vain
In Summer to make a beginning,
But when Winter comes
With her storm-beaten drums,
Oh, I want to be on with my spinning!

Myra Morris, “Come wind and come rain!“, The Australian woman’s mirror, 21 Jul 1931: 14.
Image source: “Myra Morris,” The Australasian, 18 Feb 939:  42.