Classics (in progress)

This is a work in progress. We’ll add to this page as we have the time and more information becomes available.

The first section comprises a list of books out of copyright which are available on Project Gutenberg. The second section lists authors that were featured for a Monash University exhibition of early Australian women writers (see link below). If you have any other suggestions, please let us know via our AWW contact page.

You can make up your own mind whether the following titles deserve the label “Classic” or whether they’re just books by long dead authors.

Ada Cambridge
The Three Miss Kings
The Retrospect
Thirty Years in Australia
A Humble Enterprise
A Mere Chance Vol 1
A Mere Chance Vol 2
A Mere Chance Vol 3

Catherine Martin (Mrs. Alick Macleod), An Australian Girl

Rosa Praed, Lady Bridget in the Never-Never Land: a story of Australian life

Lilian Turner, An Australian Lassie

Mary Grant Bruce Billabong books:
A Little Bush Maid
Mates at Billabong
Back To Billabong
Captain Jim

Other authors you might look out for (not in alphabetical order):

Henry Handel Richardson
Stella Miles Franklin
Capel Boake (Doris Kerr Boake, d 1944)
Marie Pitt (d 1948)
Mary Fullerton or “Owen Roe O’Neill”, “L”, Joseph Marizeeni (poems) (d. 1946)
Anna Wickham/John Oland
Elsie Cole
Mary Wilkinson
Mary Gilmore (d 1962)
Zora Cross (d 1964)
Dulcie Deamer (d 1972)
Nancy Cunard
Mina Loy
Jeanne Devaney (d 1962)
Eve Langley
Jane Laker (Alice Jane Muskett)
Myra Morris
Dorothy Cottrell (d 1957)
Miriam Moxham (d 1971)
Beatrice Grimshaw (d 1953)
Ruth Bedford (died 1963)
Ruby Gill
Dorothea Mackellar (d 1968)
Nettie Palmer (d 1964)
Lesbia Harford (d 1927)
Winifred Maitland Shore ?
Amy D Hurst A.D.
Katherine Susannah Prichard (d 1969)
PL Travers (d 1996)
Nina Murdoch (d 1976)
Mary Gaunt (d 1942)
Ethel Turner (d 1958)
Margaret Gilruth
Mary Bradford Whiting
Maureen C Meadows (Clare)
Mary Kent Hughes
Ailsa Craig
A A Methley (Alice A)
Barbara Baynton (d 1929)
Margaret Trist (d 1986)

Louise Mack (d 1935)



Drafted 7/12/17