Women Writers with Disability

This is a list of Australian women writers with disability to which you might like refer for reading ideas.  If you know of any others, please add them in the contact form below and we’ll update the list.* (Compiled by Jessica White)

Aston, Tilly

Blackman, Barbara

Blackthorn, Isobel

Boyce, Sharon

Bowie, Sandi

Brennan, Sue

Brown, Honey

Bryden, Christine

Burstin, Hinde Ena

Carlon, Patricia

Cottrell, Dorothy

Cranko, Georgia

Davey, Vicki

Findlay, Carly

French, Jackie

Gollan, Sofya

Hallahan, Lorna

Hawthorne, Susan

Haynes, Nalini

Healy Walton, Jessica

Johnson, Heather Taylor

Kennedy, Gayle

Laffer-Smith, Rebecca

Lever, Ilma

McDonald, Donna 

Mears, Gillian

Pecket, Christine A.

Pyley, Kaitlyn

Richards, Kate

Robinson, Hazel Lloyd

Roger, Michelle

Sobott, Gaele

Tink, Amanda

Smith, Melinda

Spurrier, Jo

Saint-Yves, Michèle

Strong, Ria

Van Den Eynden, Joanne T

White, Jessica

Williams, Donna

Wright, Judith

Young, Stella


* Links are to the biographical entry on the AustLit database where available. Please note that these details may not be comprehensive.